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Satisfy Your Cravings with Gloria's Signature Biscuits

Satisfy Your Cravings with Gloria's Signature Biscuits

Satisfy Your Cravings with Gloria's Signature Biscuits



Made with the finest International ingredients:

  • Pure New Zealand Butter
  • Australian Oats
  • Philippines Coconut
  • Golden Syrup

Homemade in Cebu – Inspired by Lockdown

Great-tasting and crispy ANZAC BISCUITS made for kids and adults. Each ANZAC BISCUIT is shaped and compressed to make a consistently crisp taste

Gloria’s Shortbread Butter Biscuits

“These delicious biscuits have just been launched. The biscuits are made traditionally with pure New Zealand butter - in fact, lashings of butter. Our big difference is that instead of white sugar we use Golden Syrup. Obviously more expensive but gives a wonderful taste and makes it not too sweet.”




Gloria's Golden Syrup is less than half the price of imported Golden Syrups like Tate and Lyle from the UK, CSR from Australia, and Chelsea Sugar from New Zealand.

  • 100% Pure Sugar Cane
  • Mellow taste
  • Great topping for hotcakes and sponges
  • Great for baking cookies and cakes
  • Can be kept for 2 years

Meet Gloria

The lady behind the great-tasting Anzac Biscuits.

Gloria, as a chef, made sure that the Anzac Biscuits are made from the finest International ingredients.

Moreover, as a mother, she values the overall wellness of the family, thus, this healthy combination of sweet but organic and pure ingredients.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Amazingly tasty and I don't feel guilty eating it knowing it has no preservatives and made from the purest ingredients


Delicious biscuits! They're a mouthwatering treat, and the quality is outstanding. A must-try for biscuit lovers!


These biscuits arrived quickly, and they're simply scrumptious. The customer service was also fantastic. Highly recommended!


Biscuits like these are life-changing! I'm addicted to their buttery goodness. My mornings are brighter with these.

Will Vaugh

Savor Gloria's Shortbread Butter Biscuits and Homemade Anzac Biscuits, expertly crafted by Chef Gloria with the finest international ingredients. Elevate your snacking with a world of flavors in every bite!

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